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2016 2016 Awarded “2016 2nd Korea Small Medium Business Awards-Global Innovator Award”
2014 Participated in “Global Hidden Champions Encouragement Project” hosted by Small-Medium Business Administration (Apr. 14th 2014- Feb. 31st, 2016)
2013 Komelon Saw is merged into Komelon Corporation
2012 Acquired GuJu Metal Industry(the first saw manufacturer in South Korea) and established Komelon Saw Corporation
2009 Acquired SIMMONS IK(Automobile Parts Exporter)
2008 Obtained New JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) in Komelon China
2007 Established Design Management Research?Center in Busan, Korea
2006 Awarded 'if Design Product Award' in Germany
2004 Established Komelon Europe B.V.
2003 Developed Self Locking Measuring Tape for the first time in the world
2002 Established Komelon China Corporation in China
2001 Developed Magnetic Hook Measuring Tape for the first time in the world
2001 Listed in KOSDAQ (Korean Stock Exchange)
1998 Developed Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Process
1998 Developed Dura Nylon Coating Process
1997 Established Komelon USA Corporation in the USA
1997 Established Komelon Research & Development Center in Busan, Korea
1995 Established Komelon Cold Roll Mill in Incheon, Korea
1992 Obtained EC(Certificate Of Europe)
1990 Obtained JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards)
1985 Developed Fiber Glass Long Tape for the first time in the world
1984 Obtained KS(Korean Industrial Standards)
1963 Company Established in Busan, Korea